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PBO Pride, Presented by the NC Arts Incubator
A Letter to the Community

Dear Community Members,

We are writing to you on behalf of Pittsboro (PBO) Pride. We are a group composed of members of your community who wish to make Chatham County an affirming community for all people to be their authentic selves and proud of all sexualities, sexes, gender identities, and/or gender expressions. We work towards being a place where everyone can feel at home in our beautiful community, and to that end, we will be holding our second annual PBO Pride event June 1-2 at The Plant in Pittsboro. We expect attendees and supporters from all over Chatham County and the greater Triangle Area to be in attendance and for this year's event to be even bigger than our inaugural event last year! 


This year, we are excited to join forces with the NC Arts Incubator, based in Siler City, NC. The NC Arts Incubator is a 501c non-profit with a mission to foster artistic, cultural and intellectual growth in North Carolina by nurturing artists, makers and innovative thinkers. 

At the first-ever Chatham County-based Pride event last year, we were met with an outpouring of love and support from Pittsboro & the greater Chatham community. The festival was a wonderful success, with a turnout bigger than we could have anticipated, largely due to the businesses and community members that came together to support the event. Without the support we received, the festival wouldn’t have been possible, and we continue to extend a most genuine “thank you”’ to all who participated, donated, and showed support. 


This year, we want to keep our momentum going with an even BIGGER festival than last year! We're expanding from a single-day event to a two-day weekend festival.


  • More Vendors to allow more local businesses to be represented and to provide more resources to the community

  • Shuttle Service to improve parking options and make it easier for attendees to get to the events

  • More Activities for all ages: adults, youth, & “KidZone"

  • Drag Show & Dance Party for attendees 18+


Those are just a few of the exciting changes folks will see at this year’s event! Ultimately, we anticipate this being an incredible opportunity to businesses and individuals like yourself to show your support and garner both increased visibility and business for you and for LGBTQ+ folks in our community.

Therefore, we are reaching out to you to ask for your support to help us meet our goal to create an affirming Pride festival for our community. We are especially seeking monetary contributions that will allow us to pay our many entertainers and cover other costs for expanding the event. We’re able to accept contributions on our website via monetary pledges, gifts from our Amazon Wish List, and/or material sponsorship (if applicable). All donations received will be tax-deductible and will include a contribution receipt. Your support will ensure that we are able to pay our entertainers, hire vendors, and cover the costs for other PBO Pride festival-related expenses. By offering your support, you will play a huge part in building an affirming space for all in the LGBTQ+ community who call Chatham County home. 

Thank you for your time and support ahead of time!

- 2024 PBO Pride Planning Committee

2024 PBO Pride, Presented by NC Arts Incubator

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