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PBO Pride Mission Statement

Image from 2023 PBO Pride Festival Parade. A small red truck with flags drives down the main way at The Plant
PBO Pride NC Logo

Founded in 2023, PBO Pride represents the queer people and allies living in Pittsboro, North Carolina and around Chatham County. 

We strive to offer a safe and inclusive community for all people to be their authentic selves regardless of sexuality, sex, gender identity, or gender expression.

PBO Pride is a non-partisan entity, but we commit ourselves to boldly standing for the liberation of all people and against discrimination based on sexuality, sex, gender identity, and gender expression. 

We seek in particular to grow as allies to Black and Brown people within our community, members of our community with disabilities, and our most vulnerable siblings in the journey towards liberation. 

In 2024, PBO Pride joined forces with the NC Arts Incubator, a 501c3 nonprofit, as our missions aligned and we are stronger together!  The 2024 PBO Pride Festival is an official event presented by the NC Arts Incubator.

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