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Bear Roots


Amy Durso & Lolly Dunlap (Bear Roots) joined by Cathy and Richard Edwards and Sheila Fleming
Bear Roots blend harmonies and acoustic warmth, exploring themes of spiritual reclamation and healing through Americana and sacred folk.

Bear Roots

Lolly Dunlap and Amy Durso (Bear Roots), often joined by their generous and talented musician friends, blend a fusion of tight harmonies and acoustic warmth. Lolly’s songwriting draws from a personal journey of recovering from religious trauma and the false belief that members of the LGBTQ+ community have a spiritual affliction that needs to be “cured”. Exploring themes of finding the divine within oneself and reclaiming spiritual connection, infused with messages of love and empowerment, the music delves into the transformative effects of plant medicines on the mind and soul. Through vivid imagery and storytelling, listeners are invited on a journey of inner exploration and healing, using music as a medium to express profound emotions and insights.  Americana in genre, blending elements of folk, sacred medicine music and heartfelt intimate vulnerability, Bear Roots’ music is an offering to those seeking an inclusive and affirming spirituality and community. 

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